Tuesday, 18 October 2016

David Dunlap Observatory’s Housing Development: Creating New Opportunities in Canada

“Canada is practically sitting on a Real Estate bubble that has only been expanding over the years and is now being predicted to burst shortly”, this is a statement made by every other industry analyst. Irrespective of the predictions, the marketplace has managed to upsurge rather beautifully. The reason is apparent – the Greater Toronto Area or more popularly called as GTA is one major hub for businesses, drawing fresh job hunters, from sophomores to seasoned professionals across Canada and the USA. As a result, the place has become densely populated. In such a scenario, suburbs in the vicinity of GTA are emerging as the canniest alternatives. This biased shift towards the outskirts of the city is thus attributed to two reasons – open green landscapes that attract people towards the picturesque beauty of suburbs and uprooting job opportunities in the downtown area. 

The Observatory Hill area, essentially a suburban location in southern Richmond Hill, Ontario, is slightly disengaged from the busy metropolis. The stringent housing development policies, easy commuting options to Toronto as well as the presence of the national heritage site – David Dunlap Observatory has attracted many home builders and property buyers to this town. Read ahead to understand how David Dunlap Observatory’s Housing Development has created new opportunities and grabbing attention of homebuyers!

Live in Observatory Hill:  Home of the Famous David Dunlap Observatory

Located just north of the huge sprawling city of Toronto, Observatory Hill is home to plush landscapes and picturesque land. Built on the astronomical past of the David Dunlap, it is Canada’s largest astronomical observatory site, fostering years of discovery. From ongoing job creation to engaging factors such as unrestricted amenities, this area swarms with lots of opportunities. Let’s explore all of them. 

Setting your Sights on David Dunlap Observatory

Praising the astronomical past of David Dunlap Observatory (DDO), Observatory Hill holds the dreams of late Professor Clarence Chant, David Dunlap, and eventually his widow Jessie Dunlap. DDO has imparted countless Canadian contributions and boasted trailblazing research. Being a ground-breaking site for exploration, David Dunlap observatory proves that astronomy is not that hard for young explorers. 

Get to know your Night Sky with David Dunlap Observatory Sky grazing

If you have been one of the people who love checking the subtle details of the planet, one needs a clear night away from the bright lights of the city. And, what can be a better place than the very famous observatory itself? The observatory also offers a variety of other outreach programs that include public viewing nights and star talks, a very exhilarating pastime.

Exercise at the Beautiful Parks & Amenities! 

If you are a sports freak or love being part of recreational activities, you will love being at Observatory Hill! Recreational and sporting facilities include hockey arenas, soccer fields, indoor swimming pools and more. For a relaxing weekend, a quick BBQ, walk or biking the nature trails, or photographing the wildlife and natural settings are the best options.

Experience Multiculturalism on the Land of David Dunlap Observatory

Observatory hill is in the heart of the southern borough of Richmond Hill and is popular for its ethnicity as much as its attractions. Experience intercontinental foods from one of the hundreds of restaurants in the town – Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Italian, Thai, British, and more! 

David Dunlap Observatory Development offers loads of picks in an incredibly green area! Expect a fantastically built community with quality homes putting this neighborhood amongst the finest in Canada. We are the leading online platform for home buyers scouting for high-density, low-impact residences and commercial channel partners for housing development builders…

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