Tuesday, 18 October 2016

David Dunlap Observatory’s Housing Development: Creating New Opportunities in Canada

“Canada is practically sitting on a Real Estate bubble that has only been expanding over the years and is now being predicted to burst shortly”, this is a statement made by every other industry analyst. Irrespective of the predictions, the marketplace has managed to upsurge rather beautifully. The reason is apparent – the Greater Toronto Area or more popularly called as GTA is one major hub for businesses, drawing fresh job hunters, from sophomores to seasoned professionals across Canada and the USA. As a result, the place has become densely populated. In such a scenario, suburbs in the vicinity of GTA are emerging as the canniest alternatives. This biased shift towards the outskirts of the city is thus attributed to two reasons – open green landscapes that attract people towards the picturesque beauty of suburbs and uprooting job opportunities in the downtown area.