Friday, 19 August 2016

Observatory Hill Park: The True Lifestyle Destination in Canada

Despite some volatility, there is irrefutable proof that the Canadian real estate market is showing upswing in certain sectors. One such destination is Richmond Hill – located in the southern borough of Canada’s banking capital, Toronto, the township has witnessed a surging demand from homebuyers. Southern part of Richmond Hill has been at the center of this trend with more and more families choosing the Observatory Hill area as their new address. As market research firms continue to collate data about what is fueling this preference for townships in and around David Dunlap Observatory area of Observatory Hill, there is clear indication that families are looking for greener, spacious and wellness-themed housing options.

Dissecting Observatory Hill Park

This area is in the vicinity of the landmark David Dunlap Observatory. It has become one of Canada’s most talked about locations, primarily due to housing one of the world’s biggest Observatories. Now, small communities with widespread public amenities and plenty of green cover is catalyzing serious real estate development. The development so far has beaten industry forecasts. This is not a sudden shift in cosmopolitan housing options being turned down for suburban locations. Modern families are realizing that progressive infrastructural benefits of truly cosmopolitan locations are being heavily competed by suburban housing developments. Observatory Hill has managed to attract some of the best real estate developers. The housing units are invariably larger, offering much more liveable space for lesser investment as compared to a typical city home. Further, being close to a regional historic site gives the residents a sense of identity—something sorely missing in multiple-tiered buildings.

The area’s heritage features along with world-class public infrastructure means that families are finding solace in getting the best of educational facilities and employment opportunities. Being in the vicinity of business-heavy southern Richmond Hill means minimal compromises in terms of pursuing a job or running personal businesses.

Combining the Best of In-house & Outdoorsy Benefits

Most housing units available in the Observatory Hill Park are a blend of countryside and urban living standards. You get massive meadows, natural trails, beautiful walkways, hiking paths, safe green playgrounds, and family picnic areas. Big lawns and tennis courts add to the relevance of Observatory Hill Park homes for modern families. The Park's design interprets diverse landscapes including forests, meadows, biking trails, and ponds to create a truly fantastic experience. Moreover, the housing sector development around Observatory Hill is in tune with the wealth of Canadian heritage. You get local communities that are driven towards keeping their natural resources unpolluted apart from ensuring that the neighbourhood supports more cultural, interactive activities. Essentially, the Observatory Hill real estate development is leaving nothing to chance, ensuring that prospective homeowners have no doubt about their decision in setting-up home here!

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