Thursday, 12 May 2016

How are Community Clubs and Groups in Richmond Hill Transforming Lives

Richmond Hill is a fast growing holistic community, gaining global recognition at a rapid pace owing to its excellent infrastructure, world class amenities and natural surroundings. Apart from the infrastructural facilities, it is the strong community ties that make Richmond Hill such a lucrative destination for families. In fact, Richmond Hill is now offering a haven to the homeless youth with its Home Base Drop in center.

It is amazing how these community clubs are transforming so many lives, especially of those who are going through major psychological and financial issues. We are going to mention two of the most prominent community hubs here that have showcased unique social endeavors. 

Friday, 6 May 2016

How Changing Demographics Are Affecting Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill, a small suburb located in the southern portion of York region, Ontario in Canada is garnering a lot of global attention due to its brilliant housing amenities, natural and pollution-free surroundings and world class infrastructure. Though, the town north of Toronto has not entered the list of the country’s top-20 most-populous municipalities as yet, Richmond Hill has managed to become a household name in the Middle East and some countries in South East Asia. The changing demographics are affecting RH in many ways, let us see how: