Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Some Crucial Things to Get Excited About Observatory Hill

Built around the popular and historic David Dunlap observatory, Observatory Hill allows you to see what an astronomer sees, all while living amidst splendid greenery surrounded by an endless list of amenities, restaurants, highly rated schools, transit, and much more. Observatory Hill is set to be a leading community in Canada with the inclusion of two unique spatial plans (A & B); where Plan A, called “Observatory Park,” would act as regional attraction highlighted by The David Dunlap Observatory and a planetarium, while plan B or “Discovery Park” would be a local attraction, and decorated with the area’s heritage features. Both plans are designed exquisitely, and make strong arguments for wanting to call Observatory Hill home.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Here’s why Young Families will Want to Call Observatory Hill Home

One of the fastest growing townships in Canada is Richmond Hill. Within it, sits the David Dunlap Observatory, which can be found on one of South Richmond Hill’s last remaining pieces of lush, inspirational, and build-able land.

Echoing the astronomical past of the David Dunlap observatory and all of the fantastic research it fostered, this township represents a community where gaining knowledge is a norm.  From this educational environment you’ll get the motivation needed to explore & learn. You’ll also get the assurance of cultured living where learning is progressive, hands-on, and a catalyzing force in creating curiosity in people young and old. This is why we recommend Observatory Hill to young families, as it’s the perfect place for a child to learn and grow.