Monday, 4 January 2016

Richmond Hill & Its Quintessential Attractions

Richmond Hill, a small town in the province of Ontario has become a hot housing settlement place over the years due to its close location to Toronto. People who are planning to settle down near Toronto due to their business purposes, jobs or studying are considering Richmond Hill as a good option to settle down due to its centralized position which is in proximity to some prime locations of Toronto. 

Richmond Hill is a multicultural community, also counted among the fastest growing housing society in greater Toronto Region. It houses people belonging to various countries such as The Great Britain, France, Spain, China, people belonging to South American countries and the Middle East. Although English is the common language in the area but Cantonese, Chinese, Spanish, Arabian, French and other languages are also spoken in the region making it a fit society for families with kids to settle down in order to give them a multicultural and multilingual experience. 

Richmond Hill houses people from a good educational and professional background with more than 72% of the population being college graduates. As far as recreational facilities are concerned, Richmond Hill is rich with multifacilitated super markets, adventurous recreational parks and movie theaters. 

It includes: 

· Over 100 parks and Natural areas
· 5 golf courses
· 18 recreational facilities
· Outstanding figure skating and Hockey programs
· Sunset Beach Park on Lake Wilcox

But the most eye catching feature is David Dunlap Observatory, which is a recreational as well as a great educational facility provided at Richmond Hill.

David Dunlap Observatory- Education with Recreation

David Dunlap Observatory built in 1935 is not just a scientific center but a cultural landmark of Canada. This observatory has the largest optical telescope in Canada making it one of the country’s biggest international landmark in the field of astronomy. The David Dunlap observatory is built in an area of 72 hectare that also includes some architecturally significant buildings, one of them is Observatory Building also known by the name of Great Telescope Dome, installed in 1935. 

The Observatory building stands 61 feet in diameter with the rotating dome weighing massive 73 metric tons. The telescope installed in the dome is massive and large and weighs 21 metric tons without a primary mirror. The primary mirror is about 74 inches in diameter. The observatory is maintained by RASC (Royal astronomical society of Canada), Volunteers from the RASC Toronto Centre maintain the Observatory and its adjacent Administration buildings as well as they also manage the recreational and educational trips for school and college students for research purposes, RASC helps providing public education and outreach programs regarding the observatory. 

If you are planning to settle down in the Richmond Hill area, the educational and recreational David Dunlap observatory, which is a great scientific treasure of Canada comes as a great facility. 

Observatory Hill, a great settlement option at South Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill has become a densely populated town in the province of Ontario in recent years due to the rich cultural, scientific, educational and recreational facilities in the area. Its close and centralized location with Toronto also make it a good choice for settlement.

Observatory Hill, located at the south of Richmond Hill is the last set of organized and spacious picturesque piece of land left in the area. The observatory Hill is a fantastic community with well-designed homes and provides great educational, recreational facilities. It is a great place to settle down, especially for couples with children. 

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